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As an author, I hope to bring readers inspirational resources, tools and stories to improve your life. I create nonfiction resources perfect for individuals looking for a more satisfying family life, through a stronger sense of purpose, increased productivity and clearer understanding of what happiness means to you. Sometimes, this can also mean reading fiction! Everybody needs an escape, and I offer that through exceptional tales of mystery, adventure and more.


Perspective: Capture Life’s Worth

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Happily married to her long-time sweetheart, expecting her first child and operating a budding business – for Lyssa, life seemed happy. Things took an abrupt turn when her daughter arrived 27 days early and her 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with cancer.

All within 72 hours.

These events hurled the author into a tailspin of emotions that caused her to question her values, evaluate her life’s direction and emerge with a clearer desire to live more purposefully.

Through engaging, relatable stories and how-to action steps, Lyssa Schmidt shares the positive resolution that set her on course to fulfill her Dream Life. The concepts here will inspire readers to improve their own lives while simultaneously not losing sight of fleeting, precious moments in everyday life.

Perspective will shape readers’ mindsets in a way that makes it possible to:

  • Uncover the essential elements to a personally fulfilling life.
  • Make time for what really matters most to you.
  • Create a plan to achieve pieces of your Dream Life in one year.
  • Feel empowered to implement that plan and live true to your vision.

By the end of Perspective, you’ll have the tools to manage action steps that promote real progress toward your goals and enhance overall happiness in the one life you have to enjoy. Why not start living today?


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GoodReadsEvalynn Hickory – A Small Town Cozy Mystery Series

Evalynn Hickory is a newlywed working as a restaurant inspector in her husband’s native town of Manatee Bay, FL. On site at one of her inspections, human bones are found during some remodeling. Officials quickly ID the body as her husband’s ex-girlfriend, and Evalynn finds herself thrust into a heart-wrenching journey to uncover the truth. Could her husband be capable of murder? She’ll have to find out.

Release date — Coming soon. 


Mr. Spider’s Web
(Working Title)

Mr. Spider works hard to build his web every day, but some days it just doesn’t work out as planned. No matter how hard he tries, it won’t stick tight. So, he asks around for help but low and behold so many passersby are unable to give it a try. Then fate connects Mr. Spider with a friendly caterpillar, and the two discover the power of teamwork, together.