The Impact of Quality Writing on Your Business

Interesting. Hello I Am Here to Stay Nametag Sticker Persistence

If a consumer looks at your website, Facebook page or other Internet entity and doesn’t walk away thinking something along the lines of “interesting” — how likely is it you’ll ever see them as a customer? Chances are, you lost them at “Hello.”

That’s why the way you say, “Hello,” is so important, and it can be done right with writing created to grab the readers’ attention and make an impact big enough they are bound to remember your brand — and return when it’s decision time.

So, how does writing make an impact to my sales?

First of all, don’t be writing simply to sell. Most consumers are looking for information about a product or service before making a purchase decision. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, the number of consumers who admitted they did not do any research before a purchase declined dramatically.

To put it another way, this means the majority of shoppers are, in fact, shopping around before they decide to put their trust in your brand.

When a consumer seeks out information about your product, and all they can find are carefully crafted sales specs from your company — they are less likely to feel comfortable in that decision. What they need to find are stories: customer reviews; details that appeal to emotions; tips on choosing the right said product or service based on the customers’ needs (without overselling yours!); and so on.

Ok, I get it — now show me.

On a recent family vacation to Florida, we were looking to purchase a casting net for catching bait — something he hadn’t tried before. We took to the web for information on choosing the right type of casting net, and came across Super Spreader’s Cast Net article, “Which Cast Net is Best for You?” This is a great example of a company offering tips and fusing details about their own product, while also remaining unbiased so that the consumer feels educated and comfortable with whatever decision they make.

If you need help creating this type of compelling story for your business or organization, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Testimonial Turned Case Study: How Customer Stories Boost Business

One happy customer can lead to hundreds, but only so long as Couple at cafe ordering from menu waitresspotential customers know about your smiling consumers in the first place. This is where the art of story-telling can greatly benefit your business, transforming a customer testimonial from a 5-star rating on Yelp to a powerful, reusable piece of marketing collateral.

Traditionally labeled as case studies, stories about positive customer experiences help potential customers to make the decision to choose your brand over the next because of the trust built through proven customer satisfaction.

When individuals are considering purchase decisions — whether it be dining at a restaurant, hiring a contractor for a large home remodeling paycheck, choosing a brand of dog food or signing up for a gym membership — each consumer will seek input from trusted friends, relatives and even savvy internet reviewers for feedback on where to put their money and why.

Why Does Your Business Need Customer Case Studies?

This word-of-mouth marketing gives your business a boost, but rather than let this type of advertising happen ad hoc, businesses should capture the power of a positive testimonial and transform it into a compelling, influential piece of marketing collateral.

Customer testimonials (case studies) can be repurposed and used in a variety of settings: added to your website, shared on social media, created as a press release, published in trade magazines, dissected for powerful quotes in marketing brochures and so on. Case studies should be written with a friendly voice, using a journalistic style that makes it reputable while also capturing the readers attention.

As a professional writer with a journalistic background, writing case studies is something I get excited about. I’ll work with your marketing and sales teams to understand the core of your business, and identify the types of satisfied customers we need to connect with to create the most compelling case study to boost your business. Then, I’ll write — and the end result is a quality, professional piece of collateral that can be used to sell your business time and again, for years to come.

Ready to get started?
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Why do I do this? A Freelance Writer’s Story

Eat, sleep and fill-in-the-blank — the three essential slots for survival. For me, writing is the third corner of the triangle that makes my life whole.

I’ve been writing since I had an age in the single digits. I have countless novels that I started writing while coasting through my grade school years. In high school, I started getting more serious about my passion and in college I took it to a whole new level: pursuing a degree in print journalism.

I now have 10 years of published experience in the newspaper and communications industry,  both from full-time and freelance positions. These experiences have allowed me to develop an array of valuable skills including writing, editing and layout design. People often complement my writing voice, and I appreciate the positive feedback on my talents.

My experiences have also given me the ability to cater my writing to a variety of audiences, meaning no project is off-limits for my. My background includes writing in a variety of applications: print newspapers, online news departments, corporate communications and book writing.

It goes beyond my education and my history: the truth is, I can’t wait to tell your story.