Hello, my name is Lyssa.

Lyssa Schmidt

Lyssa Schmidt Writing Services offers professional writing with a cause. I specialize in working with nonprofits
to meet fundraising goals through effective story-telling. My favorite scenario is working with an organization
who is so overwhelmingly excited about their impact, and uncovering stories to bring the cause to life.
Bottom line, when we work together — my purpose, is sharing yours.

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The Only Negative You Need is No: The Power of Positivity in Pursuing Success

The Power of Positivity in Pursuing Success No matter what your goals, ambitions or values in life – your mindset, the value you place on your thoughts and how you decide to act on those can create the difference between success and falling short. People who surround themselves with positive, and invite that positivity into […]

Effective Development Director

Essential Steps for Becoming an Effective Development Director

As the development director of a small or medium-sized nonprofit, it’s likely that a lot of the fundraising goals and donor management tasks rest in your hands. As you’re aware, there are a variety of areas you can look for funding — individual donors, major gifts, corporate sponsors, grants. The struggle is, when targeting any […]


Effective Major Giving Strategy Fuses Story-Telling, Strong Communication

Creating and maintaining sustainability for your organization is something that takes time. Adding an effective major giving strategy to the bunch can help add fuel to the fire — however, this approach is also something that takes, you guessed it, time. When considering your list of past donors, it’s likely there are a number of […]