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As a writer of fiction and nonfiction, I craft tales and recount adventures with readers in mind. As an author, I get excited about self-help, memoir, cozy mystery and even children's books. As a writer, I provide professional services to nonprofit organizations looking to connect more closely with their audience and increase fundraising success.
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What’s in a Name? (Part 1)

She sat at the table in the darkest corner of the coffee shop, the spot where the light wouldn’t hit her shabby clothes or showcase the dreariness of her appearance to the world. She was tired, and the caffeine wasn’t doing anything about it, either. Madeline planned to visit her father next, the man she […]


5 Days to Positive Life Change

Two days after my daughter was born 28 days early, my 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Cancer. Childhood cancer, and a premature baby. These life experiences are certainly something that will shape your perspective. You know what? Life happens. Circumstances out of our control, whether tragic or not, create instant change, turning […]


A Life Changing Opportunity: Focus Group Forming for Book Launch

Smile. Go ahead, right now. Don’t worry about someone noticing your ear-to-ear grin while you stare at the screen, reading this post. Just do it. Smile. Why? It’s about perspective. The day may not be going the way we want it to go, with stress, worry or fear lingering in our minds. But, when we […]