Hi, I’m Lyssa.

A loving mother, passionate wife and work-from-home entrepreneur obsessed with my homemade backyard beach and my amateur latte art skills. I believe life is about the little moments: it isn’t always going to be some grandiose, splendid experience — unless we look at it that way! My stories focus on a shift in perspective.
That's why my goal is to ignite everyday.         I'm from a nonprofit     |     I'm a reader

Hello, My name is Lyssa Schmidt and my joy is creating content so you can:

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This 3 Minute Habit Saved My Daily Sanity (A Boost for To Do Lists)

Stop feeling lost in To Do lists and start the day with your mind at ease. Words swirl around my mind, my thoughts full of things to remember, tasks to complete, deadlines to maintain. Before I even take my first sip of coffee, my mind is abuzz and anxiety is lingering around the corner. Do […]

What’s in a Name? (Part 1)

She sat at the table in the darkest corner of the coffee shop, the spot where the light wouldn’t hit her shabby clothes or showcase the dreariness of her appearance to the world. She was tired, and the caffeine wasn’t doing anything about it, either. Madeline planned to visit her father next, the man she […]


5 Days to Positive Life Change

Two days after my daughter was born 28 days early, my 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Cancer. Childhood cancer, and a premature baby. These life experiences are certainly something that will shape your perspective. You know what? Life happens. Circumstances out of our control, whether tragic or not, create instant change, turning […]